We sell our products in 32 countries, though, predominantly in Europe, China and America.

We work primarily as a B2B business,
yet we can also serve smaller customers, determined on a per case basis, given that we have no other existing contract in their country excluding this.

In recent years, we started to offer services in the fields of IT security and Server management, since we are in close contact with companies whose brand and knowledge guarantees that our customers can feel safe for their company against any kind of IT threat.

In addition to offering systems that operate safely, all our products are developed and delivered fully customised, guaranteeing that our customers do not have to put up with just an average system, they get one that fits their own environment completely. It is important to note that we sign a strict confidentiality agreement for all jobs. We do not publish our source codes in any other place, and we do not use them for any other job. Discretion is our utmost priority, without any compromise.